July 1, 2010

I’m a freelance web designer

And guess what? I do websites, neat eh?

For small to medium businesses wanting to create or expand their presence on the web, UTC Web Design will have a package to suit your budget.

Tailor made, bespoke website design to suit your business needs .From 1 page websites to full ‘self edit’ content management system websites, I will work with you every step of the way to work out a website design that portrays your image. Working with your company branding to create a website thats recognisable by your existing clients or creating an exciting and new YOU.

Hey, I also do graphic design for web and print. So if you need flyers, business cards or posters designing for your business, I can do that too.

Oh you want more personal information than that? OK here we go…

Are you sitting comfortably?…

We should probably start at the beginning as that’s always a good place to start.

I was born in West Yorkshire but now I live in Pembrokeshire so everyone around me talks funny but the sea is close and the beach is awesome.

This is me hard at work in the office

I love the internet and I love what it can do. I love art and design (you can see where I’m goin with this?..) so to combine the two means I can happily get up every morning and have a smile on my face that I’m working.

In such an exciting, fast moving industry it excites me to learn of new technologies with the ability to educate and entertain every single person. To offer answers to life’s questions at the push of a button. To learn new languages and customs to communicate with people far across the globe. But more than that, you can usually find some hilarious pictures of cats doing the funniest things.

So come on and excite me by giving me something to do. Get in touch for a quote for your website, dont worry I dont bite…